AKATHA is Michael Patrick who grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and now resides Lahaina, Maui. He is a DJ and Electronic Music producer. Throughout the years he has performed for various clubs and underground parties. Michael’s love for music however, began long before that. Like most he fell in love with many different musicians in his childhood. One of his first memories was listening to ABBA's "Chiquitita" on his Mother's 8 track with big bulky headphones. The sound of those lovely woman singing when the bass and the chorus hits, sent Michael Skyward. He can also recall vividly playing 45’s on his sister’s record player. On the opposite side of “ the Box Tops - the Letter” there’s a song called “Happy Times” Over and over he’d play these songs and others like them.

In the early 90’s he was heavily inspired by the emerging Electronic music scene as well as various indie and alternative songwriters like the Pixies. House and Breakbeat styles have always been his favorites electronically. Trained on Technic 1200 turntables he was and is a big fan of Mr. G, Henry Street Music, Double Down Records, Siesta Recordings, Plump DJ’s, Uberzone, Chemical Brothers and many more. As of late he has taken a serious liking to more Down Tempo designers such as Ulrich Schnauss, Jon Hopkins, Ochre, Tipper and Helios.

Making new musical discoveries is his passion. He believes this is achieved by continuing to grow spiritually, honoring your mind and body, and ultimately allowing what wants to be created to come through. Many other artists refer to this as “channeling.” He calls it, “getting out of the way!"

Currently Michael has undertaken a push to finish a few downtempo inspired tracks. However, He has made it clear that he does not have any interest in creating music in one specific genre or tempo. He has also joined forces with his life long bestfriend Trevor Arnholt at the Fuzzbox Studio on Maui. Michael is now operating as one the engineers there and couldn't be more excited about his future. You can check them out at...www.fuzzboxproductions.com

AKATHA is here to bring you messages from our beloved Sonic Realm. Won’t you join him?